Marina Filippova — Russian designer, born in St. Petersburg, received an economic education in Russia and an education in art history in the United States. Founder of his own studio Marina Filippova Designs, which specializes in private and commercial interiors, as well as premium development projects.

Marina leads projects in Russia and Europe. Clients appreciate her for her impeccable taste, the ability to combine classics and modernity, antiques and vintage, art and high technology. Marina also creates her own pieces of furniture. This helps her to create unique interiors, timeless and fashionable. When creating projects, the designer prefers to find and put into the interior something new, previously unused by anyone. For Marina, each project is, first of all, a customer, his inner world, his manner of communication.

Her works often appear in leading Russian and international periodicals for interior decoration. Marina Filippova's works have been published in the books of Andrew Martin International Design Review, as well as Contemporary Living in Russia, published by the Belgian publishing house Beta-Plus.

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